The Alphaland South Gate Mall Job Fair

Be HOTS this summer! (Hired On The Spot)
March 12-13, 2010
3rd Floor, Activity Center, Alphaland South Gate Mall, Makati City

Recruitment and Selection Time
10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Events Perspective

The Southmall Gate Mall Job Fair, apart from being the year's primary recruitment event in the center of Manila, is for its first term considered to be a gathering of BPO and ICT companies, contact centers, call center staffing firms, communications and language training companies and allied institutions that will advance the usual job fair recruitment procedure to a higher level so that every applicant shall be assessed thoroughly and get their application results within the day.

Advance Recruitment Procedure

Every participating company of the South Gate Mall Job Fair will be requested to do the advance recruitment procedure that totally differs from the standard application processing of most job fairs that reduces the route to just more resume passing and initial interviews. According to the survey done by several institutions from media and the recruiting industry, applicants gain more confidence and the companies prevent unnecessary loss of time, effort, and money if such comprehensive method is applied. This is also advisable to prevent the developing psychological effect of the existing process that tires the applicant and makes every job fair an unsure attempt for employment.

Application Process

1) on the spot job offers
2) outright placement and
3) skill matching.

The Company was also to bring facilities for computerized testing and additional manpower that let them have a total of 12% on the spot hiring among the pool of competent applicants. As a highlight, the event also had special assistance for applicants in terms of 1) resume writing; 2) oral proficiency; 3) power dressing and organizational culture assimilation. In continuation of the concepts heaved by the 2005 launch of the event, the participating recruiting companies shall be encouraged to carry the office-route assessment of the applicants to the job fair. In that fashion, by the end of the recruitment hour, we can directly predict the hiring percentage of the applicants general.

Target Audience

The Alphaland Southgate Mall being an MRT station hub caters to different psychographics and various demographical scopes the event reaches through its strategic promotion channeling. As the only accessible area in central, west and south of Manila caters to applicants ranging in class, skills and qualifications. True to its reputation, Makati is marked to be the center of transportation and travel in Luzon, bridging the north and south conveniently.

As part of the standard event promotion, the organizers sent our flyers, posters and other promotional materials in different restaurants, banks, corporations, advertising agencies and other establishments in Metro Manila nearby suburbs. To further increase the strengths of our promotion, we have cooperated with different schools, colleges, and universities in the whole NCR and Southern Luzon to encourage their students to attend, pass resumes and apply at this event.

Supported by the Public Employment Service Office, through direct sanction of the Department of Labor and Employment, collaterals would be disseminated in different municipalities and barangays of the Metro Manila and CALABARZON area long with prime concentration in the central-south NCR.

Media Channels

Official event broadsheet partner- The Philippine Star
Official publications partners - Ang OFW Ngayon
Official on-line partners - and
Other promotional route - NTFI

Promotional Tools

The further assure widespread information dissemination we incorporate the use promotional tools like:
-Direct Mailings
-Invitation by Fax, Text Messaging, and Telemarketing
-Press Release
-Mass Email Dispatch
-Text Blasts
-Print Ads and Press Release
-Radio Announcements

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