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Philippine Seven Corporation ("PSC") was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on November 1982. It acquired from Southland Corporation (now 7-Eleven Inc.) of Dallas, Texas the license to operate 7-Eleven stores in the Philippines in December 13, 1982. Operations commenced with the opening of its first store in February 29, 1984 at the corner of Kamias Road and EDSA Quezon City, Metro Manila. Considering the country's economic condition at that time, the company grew slowly in its first year of existence. In 1993, the company encouraged by the resurgent national economy, stepped up its rate of expansion.

In July 1998, PSC transferred the Philippine area license to operate 7-Eleven stores to its affiliate, Philippine Seven Properties Corporation (PSPC), together with some of its store properties. In exchange thereof, PSC received 47% of PSPC stock as payment. Concurrent with the transfer, PSC entered into a sublicensing agreement with PSPC to operate 7-Eleven stores in Metro Manila and suburbs. As part of PSPC's main business, it acquired or leased commercial properties and constructed retail store buildings, leasing the buildings to PSC on long term basis together with most of the capital equipment used for store operations. Hence, PSC concentrated on managing its stores and effectively took the role of a pure retailer.

In May 1998, the stockholders of both PSC and PSPC approved the merger of the two companies to advance PSC's group expansion. In October 30, 1996, SEC approved the merger and PSPC was then absorbed by PSC as the surviving entity. With the consolidation of the respective lines of business of PSC and PSPC, the PSC's retailing strengths were complemented by PSPC's property and franchise holdings. Their management as a single entity enhanced operational efficiency and strengthened ability to raise capital for growth. In September 17, 1998, PSC established Convenience Distribution Inc. ("CDI"), a wholly owned subsidiary, to provide a centralized warehouse and distribution system to service its 7-Eleven stores.

With the effectivity of the Retail Trade Liberalization Act (R.A. 8762) on March 25, 2000, foreign entities may invest in an existing retail company subject to the requirement of the law. President Chain Store Corporation of Taiwan (PCSC), which is also the 7-Eleven licensee in Taiwan operating about 2, 700 stores, purchased 119, 575,008 common shares of PSC or 50.4 % of PSC's outstanding capital stock at the price of P8.30 per share. The purchase was made under a tender offer during October 9 to November 7, 2000 by President Chain Store (Labuan) Holdings, Ltd., a Malaysian company wholly-owned by PCSC. The acquisition is meant as a strategic alliance which provides PSC technical support from PCSC to strengthen the organizational structure and operating systems of PSC enabling it to pursue store expansion plans on sound profitable basis. A new affiliate, Store Sites Holdings Inc., was also established on November 9, 2000, as the entity to own land properties of the Company.

As of March 2005, PSC's retail chain has grown to 253 stores, with 15 franchise stores, 44 Service Agreement stores and the rest all company-operated. Such an operation is sustained by a manpower complement of 1,640 employees, 987 of whom are regular employees and 653 part-timers engaged in store operations and in various support service units. Inspite of the growing competition in C-store (Convenience Store) business, the Corporation maintains its leadership in the industry.

7-Eleven today is focused on redefining and enhancing convenience through strategic initiatives designed to take advance of new technologies and merchandising processes, but which remain based on the fundamental principle of the simple business concept it pioneered over 70 years ago - to provide customers an ever changing selection of quality products and services at fair everyday prices, through speedy transactions in a clean, safe and friendly environment.


Job Description:
* Responsible for the analysis and evaluation of company’s financial performance.
* Male / female
* Graduate of Bachelor of Science major in Accountancy
* Experience in retail industry set-up or in computerized accounting system.
* Proficiency in computer applications such as MS Word, Excel, Power point and Visio.
* Highly Analytical.

Job Description:
* Maintain the image of the 7-11 brand standards when it comes to promotion and other communication materials.
* Bachelors Degree preferably in Business or Mass Communications
* Knowledge on implementing advertising and promotions program

Job Description:
* To ensure that certain requirements in category management are met.
* Bachelor’s Degree in preferably in Business.
* At least two years extensive experience in marketing / purchasing from a retailing business.
* Knowledge on product movement analysis
* Ability to maintain good relationship with superiors and clients.

Job Description:
* Responsible for the accurate processing and encoding of day-today transactions any store reports.
* Male / Female
* Bachelors degree in Accountancy
* Preferably with one year related experience.

Job Description:
* Responsible for the accurate processing and encoding of day-today transactions any store reports.
* Male / Female
* Bachelors degree in Accountancy
* Preferably with one year related experience.
* Ability to work under heavy time pressure.

Job Description:
* He/she will perform recruitment functions such as testing, interviewing of applicants, selection and placement to meet the manpower needs of the company.
* Bachelors degree in psychology or any related course.
* Can conduct job interviews.
* Familiar with test administration.
* With good communication skills.

Job Description:
* He / she will be responsible for designing computer information system.
* Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or any related course.
* Strong knowledge in IT Methodologies and project management.
* Has knowledge in Database Administration.
* At least 5 years managerial experience in the same field. tips and reminders:

  • Kindly send your resume only if you match the qualifications advertised by the employer. (Resumes that DO NOT match the qualifications advertised will NOT be entertained)
  • Keep your resume file size minimal and compact. Pictures are not necessary for your e-mail resume.

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